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Welcome to Oliver Telecom

Bridging you safely across the Telecom chasm

Oliver Telecom bridges the gap between the uncertainty of selecting between hundreds of big Telecom companies and their various products and prices to knowing with certainty the best Telecom partner, price and product to select.  Oliver Telecom bridges the gap between not understanding all the new and existing technology and how it can benefit your specific business objectives to knowing with certainty the benefits and draw backs of each new and existing technology.  Oliver Telecom bridges the objectivity, communication, availability and customer service gap required in a solid, long term Telecom partnership.  With over ten years experience, Oliver Telecom will bridge the numerous gaps required for your business to move forward in confidence when finding the right Telecom partner and solution for the right price. Before you spend a penny, we offer a free analysis and consultation. We then recommend the right Telecom solution from our long list of proven, reputable, financially stable carriers.  Each solution comes with a low price guarantee, you will not get better pricing by purchasing from the carrier direct or from another carrier partner.  Once you give us the green light and your business Telecom needs are met, we help start the order with the carrier.  We then help hold the carrier of choice accountable for as long as your business uses their services.  Since we bring the carrier many deals, they will listen and act on our requests. Benefit from our carrier leverage! Industry-wide solutions to choose from, professional advice, excellent service and support along with carrier accountability are the main benefits of engaging Oliver Telecom to handle your Telecom needs. And your cost for these services is zero. As a large broker, Oliver Telecom receives its revenues from the carriers, not from you or your bill.

As your authorized telecommunications agency we promise you:

  • Accountability We will oversee the account cradle to grave for the life of the contract whether it be provisioning, billing, moves, adds or changes.  It's our job to see it get done.
  • Availability  Oliver telecom is available to answer with accuracy technical, billing, or customer service related questions. 
  • Integrity Oliver Telecom will use experience as technical guidance for the proper solution. We will explain all carrier fees. We put the client’s best interests into every business transaction.
  • Objectivity Oliver Telecom has a plethora of Telecom solutions to offer you and will consider all in selecting the best, custom tailored solution to meet your business Telecom objectives.

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